Pod #15: Tapping for Financial Success w/ AnaMaria Herrera

In this day and age financial success seems to be on everyone’s mind. For those of us who have been doing change work we know there is much more to this than just the money in our bank account. We need to understand our own issues around money and success as well as have a clear vision of what success looks like. In this podcast EFT practitioner AnaMaria Herrera shares a few of the common mistakes people make when tapping for financial success as well as giving a number of tips on how to get to the root cause of our limiting beliefs around money.

AnaMaria Herrera

AnaMaria Herrera is a Santa Barbara, California based EFT practitioner. She specializes in teaching practitioners in how to help their clients find their core issues and business owners of all types grow their business and practices.


Music used in this podcast from stefsax and panu moon

Stop Self Sabotage NOW!

The biggest obstacle to our success is ourselves. We know what we want and often we know exactly what action we need to take… but we remain stuck. Here is an easy way to use tapping to stop self-sabotage now!


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    Hi, I would like to down load this so I can share it with 200 folks on my website but I can’t seem to get it to download, tried right clicking but no luck.
    Can you help??

    PS I LOVE the new website, big improvements, very user friendly.

    LUV D

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      Instead of clicking the link to open the page, right click the link and choose “Save as”. This will let you download the audio to your computer. Let me know if you have other questions.


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    Thank you so much for making these Podcasts available. Tapping is a wonderful/amazing thing and incredible to use and may we all continue to reach our full potential..and can you imagine how the world will benefit also!! Fantastic! Thanks again. Alexandra

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