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Working With Gene Monterastelli

“I feel like I know myself better since I did the tapping session with Gene. The session went in a direction I could have never imagined, it was very intuitive and taught me how to trust & follow my intuition more. I look forward to having my next tapping session with Gene. Thank you!”J. K.

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Gene (full bio) is available to work with clients over the phone and skype to most parts of the world. (Read what past clients have to say about working with Gene.)

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What clients are saying about working with Gene:

“I had a very helpful EFT phone session with Gene. He was very intuitive, reassuring, helpful and brought his wisdom to our time together. I was able to release a lot of negative emotions and experience some new calm in those areas. When my mind revisits the areas we addressed, I have new thoughts, attitudes and feelings. I am very appreciative. I am also really grateful for his website and all of the valuable resources there. I have been sending a lot of friends there to check it out!” Amanda

“I was amazed at how easy Gene was to work with, and just how much he really listened to what I was wanting to achieve. Gene intuitively knew the questions that I needed to be asked and I had cleared out an issue that has been bothering me for some time- in no time at all! I woke up the next day feeling amazing- and felt the path forward for me was very clear. Gene really ‘gets’ what the people he works with are about- a skill that really can’t be taught. I would highly recommend working with Gene, and his gentle, funny and caring ability to travel the journey with you for a brief period of time and help you to help yourself onto the right track for where you want to be!

Thank you Gene, I can’t wait to work with you again!” Anna, Melbourne, Australia.

“Working with Gene gave me the courage and support to look at some really big fears that I could not face looking at on my own. He helped me to get them into a more realistic perspective and contact the courage and confidence to do what I need to do. Now that I feel myself to be an active participant rather than passive recipient in the circumstances of my life, my bad headaches are showing signs of significant improvement.” AR

“Having worked with Gene on and off for several years now, I can speak with confidence about his ability to guide me through a wide variety of issues and I continue to grow and learn from him, both personally and professionally. Gene offers knowledge, respect, understanding, and the perfect touch of humor. Gene’s website is like a treasure chest of resources! Now that I know him a little better, I can see that they are just a sneak peek into his valuable background and abilities.” Sue, California

I am so grateful to have had a phone session with Gene yesterday. He helped me with a parenting issue I have had for a long time. I am a single mum with two young children(one has ASD) and I have had problems controlling my anger and remaining calm. He was so intuitive, and I really felt that I was in good hands. I felt noticeably “lighter” during and after our session, and today I reacted calmly in situations that would normally upset and stress me. I’m looking at my children differently – I feel that I am different. Even my sister mentioned that she was impressed at how I was handling the children today. I have been using EFT on my own for a couple of years with varying and often frustrating results. I feel like I learned so much from this session with Gene – it has been invaluable. HM, Australia

“I’ve done a lot of tapping on my own for the past 5 years, sometimes with really good results, sometimes unable to get to what’s really going on thus no real change. I wanted to work with a practitioner and see how it might help muddling around but not really getting to the heart of issues. Working with Gene was really a great experience! I have a lot of trust issues, but very quickly felt safe. He is kind and caring, focused, and was incredibly skillful in helping me sort and QUICKLY move through a current emotional issue and come out the other side seeing and feeling it quite differently. And since that session I’m amazed at how much more truly open and less reactive I’ve been in a lot of personal interactions, handling what would have previously felt like conflict with so much more ease and grace and understanding.

And i loved having the recording of the session available to listen to and do even more work with … it’s allowed even more insights and shifts in other areas of my life.

Can’t wait to work with him again … I can’t imagine a better guide to help me safely navigate some murky waters, clean out the muck, and move into into a place of expanded, exciting possibilities in my life journey!” Lauri R

” If I were to be offered a gift – of my choice – I’d choose a phone EFT session with Gene Monterastelli . For many years I’ve used EFT on a very regular basis & have done EFT work with other professionals, both in person & over the phone. None of the work has come anywhere close to achieving the wonderful results I’ve had in my 2 sessions with Gene. For me, emotional ‘safety’ is very important, and I feel completely safe working with Gene. I feel totally safe bringing up anything at all during the work. I find him kind, gentle, caring, upbeat & sincere. I was surprised at how much was accomplished during each session, and he also suggested some really good self-help methods for me to use on my own.

As one example of the deep & lasting healing that I’ve experienced, I’d like to relate my aversion-to-drinking-water issue. For decades, I have hated drinking water. This has been a concern for me because I believe water to be very good for our health. Even the thought of drinking water was unpleasant & I had to force myself to drink any at all. Gene’s creativity & intuition came into play in our EFT work on this, and at the end of just 10 minutes, I was able to drink water quite comfortably. Not only that, but it’s been a few weeks & I am still comfortable drinking water, even a whole mug at a time!

I hope more & more people hear about Gene’s work, so that more people can enjoy the great benefits of doing EFT work with him.” Kathryn Lloyd, Ontario, Canada

“I have recently started studying and practicing EFT, but I feel like my first session with Gene took tapping to a whole new level. I gained insights into a very deep pattern that I have been struggling with for quite some time. I am grateful for having the opportunity to work with Gene and appreciate his kindness, warmth and humor.” Kristen, CA

“I’ve been a big fan of Gene’s since finding his Tapping Q & A website some time ago (a veritable gold mine of help and information), so having the opportunity to work with him one on one was a real treat!! He’s down to earth, cuts to the chase, and all with an easy going and down to earth manner – and of course a wonderful sense of humor (love it!).

I’ve been tapping for well over a year now and have even had a couple of sessions (one each) with 2 other practitioners. While the sessions were good enough, I just didn’t see much in the way of results in my life.

I have to say that the information that came forth in my session with Gene (the kind that just doesn’t seem to when working alone) was completely and totally unexpected. My goal was to work on body image/ambivalence and conflict about weigh release etc, and what we came up was surprising, to say the least! I never would have imagined it would have had anything to do with my weight issues – and yet, since our session, I’ve noticed some “interesting” shifts:

1) a number of my remaining cravings seem to have vaporized, and

2) after being in tension about starting a couple of new exercise programs that I learned about some months and weeks ago (that would likely be more effective than the ones I’ve been doing for years), I “suddenly” felt interested and motivated to implement those and have been doing those ever since (and enjoying them too!). Go figure!!

In addition, of course, I just plain felt great after the session; lighter, happier.

And finally, the session seems to have started a positive ripple effect: A number of other significant issues/items rose to the surface for healing in the days following our session as well, which while a bit “messy” to deal with, have ultimately lead to even more positive “shifting.”

Gene is just great to work with – and obviously, he’s good at what he does. THANK YOU GENE!!!” – Lisa M., MI

“Gene, our call was a great catalyst. You were insightful and engaged. It seemed you were sitting right next to me. Our initial work to dispel the symptoms of anxiety was excellent groundwork that enabled me to be clearer about what fears and beliefs were under the surface of all that.” Marilyn, Maryland

“Since I had two sessions with Gene, I have been able to significantly reduce the symptoms from a chronic pain condition I have had for over two years. It was so easy and comfortable to work with Gene. He really put me at ease, so things were able to flow easily. Thanks so much Gene.” Diane, Canada

“I have worked with EFT for migraine on my own for almost a year and didn’t have the success that I had working with Gene in one session. At the beginning of the session I had the aura of the migraine and with his unique and effective approach to EFT he worked with me very patiently until the pain disappeared completely. After four days of having the session I haven’t had any pain, I feel lighter, happier and with more energy. It was a wonderful experience! I highly recommend Gene. I am definitely going to keep working with him to clear other issues. Thanks Gene!” Martha G., NC

UPDATE: “Just wanted to let you know that since we had the session 3 weeks ago I haven’t had migraine. I could enjoy my family and the holidays 100%. Isn’t this amazing? Thank you again!!!” Martha G., NC

“I was thankful to have the opportunity to do EFT with Gene recently. It isn’t often that I have the chance to be tapped with, as I am usually the one who taps for and with others, so this was great! Gene is very patient and thorough with his approach to EFT, and I always felt validated and that he listened very well…the feedback he gave me was very helpful and allowed me to think about my issues in ways that I would not have done before. I especially liked the use of visualization Gene uses, as I ‘saw’ my traumas presented as a basket containing black, glass bubbles (my own visualization). As we processed my issue with the tapping, those bubbles gradually disappeared…so this was a very concrete way of measuring my progress. I was left with a feeling of peace and felt that my whole body was smiling! Thanks, Gene.” R. Ruddock, Wisconsin

“I have felt great since our session. I have made it to work continually, feel better emotionally and am able to better handle the physical aspects of Fibromyalgia. I have stopped being so negative and reactive with negativity. I now take a step back and breath and calm myself prior to saying anything. I don’t feel so paranoid that people are out to get me. I even felt good about my job again. I feel like I am slowly crawling out of the despair and depression. I want to keep on working with you to not just feel great, but feel fantastic. Since listening to all of Gene’s podcasts his voice is familiar, calming and guiding. If you are struggling with where to start, EFT or finding core issues, I highly recommend Gene. When I was searching for a practitioner Gene was one of the two practitioners I had decided to choose from. I am so glad I chose Gene. He was reassuring and I felt like I all ready had a rapport with him.” Pam

“Instructions for living a life. / Pay attention. / Be astonished. / Tell about it.” -Poet Mary Oliver

That advice is something that’s been difficult for me. I’ve spent almost 30 years trying to avoid paying attention through emotional eating. I’ve read the books. I’ve analyzed things in my head. I’ve intellectually understood some of the causes… but even when using “do it myself” tapping, my mental analysis got in the way of really connecting emotionally to past events and feelings. My session with Gene took my analytical mind out of the way as he was the one leading the session–so I could get into emotions, the very emotions I have been trying to avoid for years. I found out that having high expectations of myself right now can change my behavior right now–but that having high expectations of a past self that were not met, only brought a sense of disappointment and low self esteem. I feel freer after my session with Gene. And last night, I ate some chocolate after dinner–and then I stopped. I did not continue searching for other things to eat when I wasn’t physically hungry. A little sweetness was enough, because that restless feeling wasn’t there, that restless emptiness that food isn’t really the right filling for. Thank you, Gene. I am actually astonished at how different I feel after one session, and I plan to have more.” Sue

“The session with Gene was a wonderfully liberating experience. He put me at my ease quickly, and the session flowed so naturally. He is highly intuitive, calm and professional, and I felt very safe. He is totally present with you during the session and I shifted some large and deep rooted blocks within my system, and although I felt a little tired afterward, I have since felt, and continue to feel, wonderful. I would highly recommend Gene”. Karen UK

“Gene is an excellent transformational therapist. He uses EFT in a unique, intuitive and very effective way. I love way he uses the felt body senses to tap away issues that are beneath your conscious mind. Gene is so clear and focused, and able to produce results very quickly. The added benefit of having your session recorded also gives you additional opportunity to revisit your issue and clear even deeper on your own. Thanks for the great work Gene!” L.L.

“I’ve been working with EFT on my own for over 2 years. In my session with Gene, I experienced first hand what Gary Craig calls ‘the art of delivery’, and learned how invaluable it can be to work with a skilled and experienced practitioner of EFT. I just contacted him to set up another session.”

“I just wanted to say thank you. Gene, you are amazing. I just got off the phone and you very intuitive. I have to say I feel sooooo great. My vibrations are up big time. I just I will see the benefits of this session.”

One week later: “Hi, I just wanted to let you know that a week after my session with gene I had a new website and started a business. That is what we were working on. I had resistance and Gene got me past it.”Gay

“Working with Gene using EFT has been an amazing experience. We cleared issues that I had discovered and discovered and cleared more as we worked by phone. I am in my fifties and had returned to college to complete a bachelor’s degree and then attend law school. Critically important for me was passing the bar exam after graduation. We discovered that I had severe limiting beliefs surrounding my older brother who had been an attorney and had recently passed away; I did not feel that I deserved to pass the bar and if I did, I would be diminishing my brother who passed the bar only after more than ten tries, and with whom I had had huge issues. This sounds crazy since I had worked so hard to complete college and was almost done law school, but there it was, and I couldn’t seem to shake it on my own.

Intuitively and gently Gene helped me see what was going on in my head and helped me heal my relationship with my brother along with many other aspects that jumped on the bandwagon. Oh. I passed the bar exam, first try. Hooray for EFT and Gene Monterastelli.” Jessie, NC

“I’ve worked with Gene about a half a dozen times and after each session the issue at hand was dissolved and never came back up. I was, in my mind, addicted to bread, especially rolls of any type. After only one session the insatiable craving and uncontrollable behavior around rolls completely went away. I also had a session where cookies were an issue. I would eat sometimes eight at a time without even being aware of what I was doing. I don’t even think about cookies anymore and when I see them I notice them, but there’s no physiological or emotional response at all and I pass them up. I had a session about money issues, never having enough and spending it without even knowing where it went. Since that one session, I’ve had a surplus of money at month’s end, which NEVER happened to me before. EFT is a fantastic tool. However, I’ve never gotten the results working on my own that I get when I work with Gene, and he’s incredibly generous.” Angie, CA

“I arranged to have three sessions in three weeks. We were able to move thru many major issues quickly, effectively, painlessly and thoroughly providing great relief for me. I thought they would be long, sticky, highly charged sessions and take forever to make any headway and boy was I pleasantly surprised. This is indeed a man who is very able to navigate any issue without unnecessary drama very, very effectively. I highly recommend that you give yourself in trust to this wizard!” Fran, CA

“Having an EFT session with Gene Monterastelli is truly a healing experience. I have been using EFT on an issue for quite a while now with little or no progress. Luckily I stumbled upon Gene’s EFT website and decided to have an EFT phone session with him. All I can say is that Gene’s hugely intuitive and wonderfully creative style in using EFT helped me enormously in one phone session. His ability to lead me to view and visualize my problems in a way I would never have thought of was refreshingly uplifting and of great benefit to me. So I would really recommend giving Gene a call and arranging an EFT session with him over the phone. “ Niall, Ireland

“My wife and I have been using EFT for several years now and have found it remarkably easy to use and very effective. We’ve shown other people it too but having a session with Gene was quite a mind and spirit opener! We are very impressed and grateful to him for his clarity, focus, non-judgment, effectiveness and professionalism. Thank you Gene.” Harold (and Barbara), France

“I found my phone session with Gene to be very flowing and intuitive. I felt we were very quickly on the same page although we had never spoken before. He has an upbeat but relaxed style and seamlessly works in visualizations which really helped me reconnect with my body and view differently the symptoms I have been experiencing. He is very professional and has a gentle but confident manner which keeps the session constantly moving along. I would recommend him without hesitation!” Molly, Ireland

“Having tried a few sessions with different people I wasn’t sure of what to expect as each had a different style. Having then had a session with Gene, it was simply amazing as he listened to what I said, and understood what I was trying to articulate and then knew exactly how to incorporate it in the session seamlessly and it was amazingly easy. As we went thru the process he helped identify and break down my belief system so that I could understand it and acknowledge it as well. I highly recommend Gene!” Nadiya, Canada

“I was convinced to try EFT because of Gene’s confidence that it would help and because the changes he’d made in his own life with EFT were visible even given the very limited time and circumstances in which I’d known him. The basics of EFT are easy to learn and implement but I have been incredibly blessed to be taught and guided by someone truly gifted. Initially we worked on my fear of talking on the phone. The fact that our sessions required the use of the phone is, alone a testament to Gene’s abilities! He is insightful, accepting and amazingly patient. Gene seems to understand me even when I don’t think I’ve expressed myself very well. His explanations are clear and his stories and analogies enhance my understanding. Talking with Gene is easier than talking to anyone else I know because I can speak with out fear of judgment and know that he will respond honestly. Learning EFT with Gene has given me the ability to do everything from gracefully surviving a really tough day to addressing and working through issues that have been hindering me my whole life.” Cindy, MI

I was introduced to Gene Monterastelli by a local EFT practitioner and I owe that woman a debt of gratitude. From the moment I visited his website, found it so easy to book a session at a time to suit me and his prompt telephone call at the arranged time, I felt I was in touch with a man who knew what he was doing. Getting an audio of the phone session is a bonus that allows further reflection.

I contacted Gene because I lacked the willingness to stop smoking. Gene’s gentle focus and insightful reframing led me to many blocks and traumas contributing to this stubborn behaviour. I was most impressed by the way he listened to what I was saying without any judgement. It made me feeI we were working on my emotional freedom and not looking for an acceptable outcome. What a welcome attitude!

I would thoroughly recommend Gene and will use his services again if I find myself ‘stuck’ with any issue that does not respond to my own daily tapping.

Thank you again, Gene, for opening up chapters of my life that had been closed before.

With gratitude,

Aileen, Scotland

“I really enjoyed working with Gene, he is so easy to talk to and really insightful. Although I already knew E.F.T., Gene showed me some cool new things, like “parts therapy” that are fun for the mind and really help heal the heart. Gene is also great to work with because he’s so well organized. I liked the fact that I could view his appointment schedule on-line, and book my own session in any of his available times slots.” Lynn

Finding Gene has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. He has helped me on so many levels, and I have made progress that I could not have imagined a year ago. As well as being very kind, and patient, and humorous, Gene is extremely perceptive, and works in a highly intuitive way, which still amazes me. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Heidi

“Amazing! More than I expected. Very creative to uncover every related issue.”

“This was an awesome experience! If interested in EFT, I highly recommend Gene.”

“Yes! Remarkably intuitive, CREATIVE, complete session! Enlarged my own EFT too!”

“Remarkable session! Back pain improved quickly, and learned many invaluable tools.”

“I had my EFT session today and Gene is very knowledgeable & great to work with.”