Healing Fundamentals

When most people first learn tapping, they are taught it in a step by step fashion. At this point you are focusing on doing the steps exactly right. Because you are so new to tapping you aren't exactly sure what to do so this becomes the best way to learn.

We are taking the experience of others that have come before us and we copy the steps they are taking.

With tapping you can achieve powerful results by following a simple step-by-step process, which is often referred to as the basic recipe.

As wonderful as this basic recipe is, it has its limitations. In order to go deeper with our tapping it is useful to understand the process of transformation and healing. Through years of experience I have come to a specific approach to the healing process which helps me to get better results, often times in a shorter amount of time.

Over the course of 9 podcasts I share these fundamentals. When you understand and master these fundamentals you move from just following a step by step process to having an understanding of what the underlying issues are and how to clear them fast.

I will be adding a new recording every week, so make sure you check back often to learn them all.

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Healing Fundimentals:

  1. Pod #452: Tapping For When We Are Of Two Minds
  2. Pod #454: Tapping for Unprocessed Emotions From The Past
  3. Pod #456: Everyone’s Least Favorite Tapping Phrase
  4. Pod #458: Tapping For When We Judge Our Past Choices Harshly
  5. Pod #460: Emotions Are Stronger Than Rational Thinking When Making Good Choices
  6. Pod #462: Tapping For Judgment vs. Evaluation
  7. Pod #467: Tapping For Feeling Ignored and Dismissed
  8. Pod #469: Judging My Intention v My Action w/ Tapping
  9. Pod #474: The Reason Why You Don’t Tap More & How To Overcome It