Gene, Stop Sending Me So Many Emails!!! (Why Does TappingQ&A Exist)

I have heard it a lot lately.

“Gene, why are you sending so many emails?”

Since the question has come up I thought it would be a good time to share why I send these emails and why TappingQ&A exists.

Why Do I Send These Emails?
There is one and only one reason I send an email. It is because I think the content of the email will be useful to you in some way.

This could be for a variety of reasons. It might be instructional, encouraging, challenging, or even fun.

It might be something free or it might be something for sale.

I don’t hit send unless I truly think it will be of benefit to you.

The nice thing is that you are in control. If you don’t want to hear from me any more you can hit unsubscribe at the top or bottom of this note.

There will be no hard feelings. Promise!

I don’t want my messages to be clutter in your life. If they are not useful, get rid of them.

Why Does TappingQ&A exist?
There are 3 reasons TappingQ&A exists.

To Teach
Right now there are over 540 free resources at It is one of the most comprehensive resource libraries of free tapping-related content on the web.

In no way do I think these are the only or the best resources online. I just hope they provide one more helpful resource to make your healing journey easier.

It makes me so happy to know that people in over 120 countries have downloaded the podcast or to know that thousands of people have tapped along to the parts of the client session I’ve shared over the last few weeks.

We live in an amazing technological age where my thoughts written in a Brooklyn coffee shop or recorded in my home office can reach people all around the world.

If you are here just for the free stuff….AWESOME! Keep after it.

To Learn
One of the reasons I love creating the content for this site is because each time I create something new it adds to my own knowledge and development.

I generally have a good idea of what I think when I sit down to write, but when I am forced to bring those ideas out of my head into full detail I learn so much.

By spending time interviewing others and crystallizing my own ideas I have grown, learned, and am a much better practitioner because of the process of creating these resources.

I hope you get half as much out of this as I do.

To Make A Living
I know it might be hard to believe, but this is how I make my living. I don’t have an employer. I don’t have someone providing benefits. If I don’t bring it in, it doesn’t come in.

That is the reason why I sell products, charge for private sessions, have a paid membership site, and work with long term clients one-on-one.

From time to time I hear from people who say, “How dare you charge for something that should be free like EFT! It was given to you and you should give it away as well.”

It is true, I could run TappingQ&A and not charge for anything, but that would mean that I’d need another job to pay my bills. If that were the case I wouldn’t be able to spend as much time as I do creating the free resources available on the site.

If you are offended by the fact that I sell stuff or you think your inbox is being flooded with sales letters then please unsubscribe. It won’t hurt my feelings.

What Can You Do?
As reader of the TappingQ&A resources I would ask a few things of you.

Use The Resources
Don’t just read, watch, and listen. Put it into practice. It is not how much you know about tapping that matters. It is how much you use it. After you read something on the site, give it a try.

Share The Resources
It would mean a great deal to me if you would pass one of the great free resources along to the people in your life. I’m not asking you to spam your address book or send it to everyone you know.

If there is something from the site you think would be helpful to a loved one, please take a moment to pass it along to them. You will reach people I am never going to reach. It won’t cost you anything but a few seconds, but it could make a real difference in their life.

Consider Buying Something
Invest in the advanced tapping. Work with me one-on-one on that issue you just can’t shake. Join the membership site that gives you access to over 150 resources.

It is all really good stuff that I think will make your life better. I wouldn’t offer it if I didn’t it was of the best quality.

Over 99% of the people who visit TappingQ&A don’t buy a thing. And that is perfectly OK.

If that is you and you are getting lots of great stuff from the site, please keep coming back again and again.

I am not telling you have to or need to buy something. Just asking that you consider it.

You know who I am, what I stand for, and what I think is important in the healing process.

If that is something you think will be helpful for you, I would be honored to help you in that way.

Clearing The Air
I hope this note clears the air so you know where I am coming from and why I do what I do.

As always, you can let me know how I can be helpful by just hitting reply to this note.



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