Bonus Pod #1: Tapping from a Christian Perspective

On June 3rd I filled in as the guest host on the EFT Class on BlogTalk Radio. The topic for the show was EFT from a Christian Perspective and my guest was John Soriano.

Here is the full radio program.

John Soriano

Guest: John Soriano

About John: John has been a student of what makes people do what they do since he was a teenager. At times, failure was his best teacher, driving him to continue to seek knowledge and understanding. His journey had led him to studies in a wide range of philosophies ideas, from ancient to modern.
Using what he uncovered, John has been successful in sales, and most recently, in the education field.

He has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology, and a Master Degree in Education. He is a Certified ZPoint coach/practitioner, an advanced practitioner of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), as well as a Reiki Master (Usui and Kundalini methods) , and a member of The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, and the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques.

Contact John: web @ Tap It Away


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  1. Russ says

    Hi Gene,
    When I pray I do not ask God to intervene in my life in any way.
    I ask that I can be open to seeing the opportunities that come to me to help me resolve whatever issue I happen to be dealing with.
    They are always there.
    It is up to me to make use of them.
    As far as something like EFT being good or bad is concerned, it IS just a tool.
    Any tool can be used for good or evil.
    It’s not about the tool.
    It’s how you use it that makes the difference.
    I thank you for what you do.
    I feelo that you are helping a lot of people.
    That includes me.

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