Sometimes when I’m tapping I yawn a lot. Why do I yawn during tapping, and is it a good or bad thing?

photo by Daniel James

Fear not! Yawning is good news.

There are a number of common physical reactions to tapping, such as feeling:

  • Light and free
  • Very relaxed
  • Sleepy
  • Energized

or releasing:

  • Long signs
  • Yawning

When we are doing tapping, especially around an emotional issue, I have found yawning means a great deal of energy is being moved. So when I see lots of yawning, I know progress is being made.

It is important to pay attention to your body. Lots of yawning also mean your body has less energy than when you started. If you feel very tired, it’s best to tap more later.

ALSO, if you are feeling drowsy after a tapping session you shouldn’t drive or do anything that requires intense concentration until your energy level is up again.

Remember, if your body is feeling pain or responding in a way that is not comfortable, stop tapping and consult a medical professional.

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  1. Ruth A says

    One thing that I distinctly recall in the early days of my tapping for myself, or with others, is that there was a buzzing sensation in my feet, in the bottoms of them in particular…it was quite consistant, and I didn’t pay too much attention to it except to think that it must be a good thing. Now I have quite a bit of neuropathy that has developed in both feet…the soles of my feet burn and are numb, especially noticeable in the morning before I get out of bed…I also have a lot of muscle cramping in my feet and lower legs now that I did not have before. It
    makes me wonder if this was caused by the buzz I was getting in my feet right from the start of tapping.
    Is that possible, and if you do not know of this, where can I find out. Your last statement here about checking with a physician if I feel uncomfortable gave me the idea that this may have started it. It is quite
    alarming, but I have kept tapping anyway, because I seem to have such great success with it helping others.
    Thanks for your thoughts on this. I recall that I asked about increased tinnitus when I tap with others, also, and you had not heard of that happening before.
    I hope I am not damaging my nerves in some way.
    thank you.

  2. Alicia says

    I have had physical reactions occur while tapping and what I would do is tap these reactions themselves. For example: Even though I have this neuropathy when I tap and help others or myself, I completely accept myself”, or “Even when helping others triggers the burning and burning of my feet, I completely accept myself”, “Even if I don’t know why my feet burn and get numb when I help others, I completely accept myself”. I believe many things like unwanted emotions and sensations in our subconscious mind get stirred when usign EFT and will show their ugly face. This is wonderful, if one recognizes what they are. But one has to address them to eliminate them. Our subconsciouis mind holds the traumas of all of the many lives you have lived, EFT can liberate the traumas and get rid of the bad emotions that cause ills of all types. EFT is a new science but I believe it holds the answers for spiritual freedom.

  3. says

    Hi Gene,

    Yes, when a yawn a lot during tapping I know I’m making progress. I tend to yawn a lot when tapping the collarbone point. Tapping sessions without yawning feel ‘flat'; I know I haven’t got to the core issue yet!

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